Group Swim: Learn-To-Swim

Our mission is to teach swimming in a safe, positive, and fun atmosphere. We encourage your child to develop a healthy confidence, self-esteem, and sense of responsibility in and around the water. We hold smaller classes with a ratio of 1 instructor per 6 swimmers. The instructors for our program are trained by various accredited organizations including the American Red Cross. Please visit to view all upcoming Aquatics Program dates and registration information. If you have any additional inquiries, please e-mail the Aquatics Coordinator, Andria Moyer, at


Through games/songs and instruction, swimmers, with the assistance of their caregivers, will learn skills such as: buoyancy and movements in the water, how to use floating objects for support and exploring the water, combining skills on how to kick with floating objects and perform basic floats, glides and kicks, and age-specific water safety.

Level 1

This class is for the beginner who is comfortable in the water. Swimmers learn basics of swimming: bobbing/going under water, supported front and back floating, supported rolling over from front to back and back to front, supported gliding, supported flutter kick, supported front crawl arms and jumping in.

Level 2

Swimmers should already be able to float on front and back and put their head under water. Swimmers will work on: independent front and back floating, independent rolling over from front to back and back to front, independent front and back glides, front crawl arms and kicks, back crawl arms and kicks, retrieving underwater objects, and jumping into water over their head.

Level 3

Swimmers should already be comfortable swimming front stroke and swimming on their back. Swimmers will work on: gliding, freestyle with side breathing, backstroke, breaststroke and dolphin kicks, retrieving objects in deeper water, treading water, jumping into deep water and compact dives.

Level 4

This class helps children increase endurance, confidence, and proficiency in strokes and skills learned thus far. Participants add arm actions to the previously learned scissors kick and breaststroke kick to perform sidestroke and breaststroke. Participants also begin to learn the back crawl and butterfly, as well as the basics of performing a simple open turn and flip turn at a wall.