The Shepherd University Rambler Card program will strive to continue the University’s tradition of service by providing convenient access to a variety of campus services with one card. Listed below are the terms and conditions governing the usage of your new Rambler Card:


THE DECLINING BALANCE ACCOUNT: This account is a record of your money deposited with us and available to you for purchasing products and services wherever the Rambler is accepted. You do not earn interest, you may not use the Rambler as a credit card, nor to obtain cash, and you may not transfer your account to any person under any circumstances, nor to any other account owned by you. You may add additional funds to your account at any time in the amount of U.S. $1 or more. You may make a check, money order or credit card deposit in person or by mail at the Shepherd University Wellness Center, or deposit electronically at Deposits will be available immediately in your account. The Rambler Card program does not provide pre-authorized automatic transfer services. Restitution is required for overdrafts resulting from off-line transactions or transactions approved erroneously when sufficient funds are not actually in the account.

FEES: There are no transaction charges. If you present a check for payment or deposit, and the check is subsequently returned for any reason, your Account will be debited the amount of the invalid check plus a $10 returned check fee. If the account balance is insufficient to cover these debits, the balance will be reduced to zero, the account will be deactivated and we will charge the account holder the remaining amount due. The University will use all legal recourse to collect amounts due. Your Account may be reactivated upon restitution. We will charge the current fee for replacing lost, stolen or damaged cards.

THE CARD: You must present your Card in order to purchase products or services with your Rambler account. The Card is the property of Shepherd University and is non-transferable. The Card may be deactivated and/or retained when presented by any Cardholder making inappropriate, illegal, or wrongful use of it.

LOST, STOLEN OR DAMAGED CARDS: You agree to immediately report a lost or stolen Card in person at the Shepherd University Wellness Center, or by telephone at (304) 876-5300. During the period in which the Wellness Center is closed, contact Public Safety in person or by telephoning (304) 876-5202. You must come to the Wellness Center during business hours to obtain a replacement card or to reactivate a card that has been reported lost or stolen. We can not reactivate a Card reported lost or stolen if it has been replaced. The replacement fee for lost or stolen card is $25. The cost to reprint a damaged card is $10. If the card is defective, defined as not fully functional at the time of card creation, the reprint fee shall be waived. Shepherd University is not responsible for any loss due to lost or stolen cards.

REFUNDS AND RETURNS: Merchants may accept purchases for return in accordance with the refund policy in effect at the place of purchase of the products or services. We will credit returns to your Account; no cash refunds will be given.

CONTACTING THE WELLNESS CENTER: Rambler Card Services are located in the Rotunda of the Shepherd University Wellness Center, 164 University Drive, Shepherdstown, West Virginia 25443. Unless otherwise noted Rambler Card Services will be available only on days that the Wellness Center is open. The telephone number is (304) 876-5300.

ACCOUNT CLOSURE: Card privileges will be revoked when you cease to be a student or employee of Shepherd University. Refunds will only be processed upon completing a refund request form at the Bookstore upon withdrawal, graduation, or employment termination from the University. Any refunds will be paid by check through established state refund procedures and mailed to the address on the refund request form. Following card revocation, if no refund request or other contact regarding a remaining balance comes from you within 180 calendar days, a 10% handling charge will be assessed by the Rambler program, and you will be deemed to have assigned the remaining balance irrevocably to the Shepherd University Foundation as a discretionary gift.

RECEIPTS AND STATEMENTS: Most terminals are equipped to provide a receipt for each transaction. It is your responsibility to ensure that the receipt is correct. An Account statement listing recent transactions will be generated upon your request at the Wellness Center.

ERROR RESOLUTION: If you suspect an error on a receipt or Account statement, or if you would like more information about a specific transaction, you may contact the Wellness Center at the address listed above or by telephone at (304) 876-5300. You must contact us within sixty (60) days of the transactions(s) in question. If you call us, we may require that you submit written notification requesting error resolution within the next ten (10) business days. Failure to request error resolution in a timely manner could result in the inability to resolve an alleged error. When making a request for an adjustment to your Account, you must furnish the following information: (1) your name and Shepherd ID number; (2) a description of the transaction in question and an explanation of why you believe there is an error; and (3) a copy of any transaction receipt. We will complete the investigation of your claim within ten (10) business days in most circumstances. If an error is found, we will make the necessary adjustments to your Account, and our liability is limited to the amount of the error. If no error is found, we will provide you with a written explanation within three (3) business days of the conclusion of our investigation. You may request copies of documents used to support our decision. In some cases of alleged error we may need more than ten (10) business days to conclude our review. In such cases we may choose to provisionally credit your account for any amount still under review and you will be notified of this step. In such cases the review will be completed within forty-five (45) days of your notice to us of the possible error, and you will have full use of the provisional funds during this period. If we then ultimately find that no error occurred, your account will be debited immediately after we provide notice to you of our results. You will be responsible for maintaining a balance in the account, and your account will be deactivated until the necessary deposits are made.

DISCLOSURE: We will disclose information about your Account to third parties for only the following reasons: (1) whenever such information disclosure is necessary to complete a transaction requested by you, your request for the transaction will constitute consent to such disclosure; (2) in order to comply with a court order or lawfully issued subpoena; (3) to fulfill a lawful and legitimate University department or program request; (4) in conjunction with all other cardholder accounts in the aggregate but not specific in regard to your account; or (5) consistent with prevailing law as to student education records privacy, including as authorized with your written permission.

CARD HANDLING: Valid Rambler cards may not be held by campus departments for any reason with the exception of the Shepherd University Police Department, Wellness Center, and the Vice-President for Student Affairs or his/her designee when requested by officials in the performance of their duties, who identify themselves, and state a reason for their request.

CHANGES IN TERMS AND CONDITIONS: The terms and conditions of this Agreement are effective and remain binding until the Cardholder is otherwise notified. If any changes are made to the terms and conditions, Rambler will provide the Cardholder with notice of change(s) by email to the Cardholder’s campus email account if applicable, in the Picket, the Record, at VTS locations and/or through other campus distribution. Prior notice need not be given where immediate change in terms and conditions is necessary to maintain or restore the security of the Account but will be given as soon as practical.

GOVERNING LAW: This Agreement will be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the state of West Virginia.

ADDITIONAL RAMBLER CARD POLICIES: Additional operational policies for the Rambler Card program are provided for in the Rambler Card Policy Handbook.