How much does the Rambler Card cost?

The first card is free. The replacement fee for lost or stolen cards is $25.00. The fee to reprint a worn or damaged card is $10.00. If the card is defective at no fault of the user the replacement fee may be waived.


What if my Rambler Card is damaged?

Do not use a broken or cracked card in the readers at anytime. Do not under any circumstances use tape or glue to repair your broken card. Tape and glue can cause the readers to permanently jam. You will need purchase a reprint of your damaged card before using your card again at any of our readers. If your damaged card causes a repair to the Rambler Card equipment you may be liable for the costs to repair the unit. To get the maximum life from your card, we highly recommend you protect your Rambler Card in a wallet. Carrying your ID unprotected in your back pocket or your backpack is the Number One ID Killer!


Can I get cash from my Rambler account?

No. Money in the account can be spent only at locations that accept the Rambler for payment.


What happens to the money on my Rambler Card when I graduate or withdrawal?

Refunds will only be processed upon completing a refund request form at the Wellness Center upon withdrawal, graduation, transfer, or employment termination from the University. Any refunds will be paid by check through established State refund procedures and mailed to the address on the refund request form. Following card revocation, if no refund request or other contact regarding a remaining balance comes from you within 180 calendar days, a 10% handling charge will be assessed by the University, and you will be deemed to have assigned the remaining balance irrevocably to the Shepherd University Foundation as a discretionary gift.


Where do I report a problem?

To report a problem with your Rambler Card visit us at the Wellness Center or call (304) 876-5300.


How much electronic value may be stored on the card?

Unlimited amounts of money may be stored on the card for purchases on & off-campus.


Where can I add money to Rambler Card?

Click on the “Make A Deposit” link in the main menu for details.


Where can I check the balance of my Rambler Card?

The Rambler Online Card Office offers online account management. Your receipt from retail locations shows your Rambler, Dining Dollar, and Meal Swipe balances. You can come into the Wellness Center for Rambler account balance info. You cannot obtain your balance over the phone.


What does it mean when the display says “Reload Rambler”?

That means that your card balance has dropped to $5.00 or less. It’s time to put more money on your Rambler.


Where can I make purchases with my Rambler Card?

Most of the indoor beverage & snack machines will accept the Rambler Card.

Library microfiche and copy machines accept the Rambler Card.

Printing labs accept the Rambler Card.

The Bookstore, Dining Hall, Ram’s Den, Fireside Bistro, Wellness Cafe, Riverside Market, and University Police and Health Center accept the Rambler Card.

Our Shepherdstown off-campus merchant locations


How does my card work at the vending machines?

The vending machine verifies that you have enough money on your card to make a purchase. After the product is selected to purchase, the system will deduct ONLY the ACTUAL cost of that product from your Rambler Card account.