Do “protect” your card in a wallet. This will greatly extend the life of your card and save you a $25 replacement fee.

Do use your Rambler Card instead of cash at on & off-campus to pay for your purchases. It’s easy and convenient! Sometimes it can even save you money…check your Shepherd email for current promotions!


Don’t carry your card “naked”, especially in your back pocket. This is the number one ID killer on college campuses across the USA.

Don’t punch a hole in your Rambler Card or place it near anything that would erase the magnetic stripe (stereo equipment, magnet, television, etc.)

Don’t expose your card to water or put it on the food trays in dining venues. Water and food particles on your card cause problems with the readers and shorten the life of your Rambler Card.

Don’t use your card at the gas pumps at the Shepherdstown Sheetz (must pay inside).

Don’t try to purchase alcohol, tobacco, lottery tickets, gift certificates or porn.

Don’t hold your ID in your mouth at anytime. Teeth marks and saliva will damage the card.

Don’t use your Rambler Card as an ice scraper! Believe it or not we have a few students that do this and wonder why their card breaks.

Don’t loan your Rambler Card to anyone at anytime! Keep this under guard at all times just as you would a credit card.